Meeting was held at the municipal building at 7:00 p.m..

In attendance: Jennifer Lubliner, Nicholas Pirro, Jennifer Rodriguez, Dan Segal, Stephanie Munson. Absent were Keren Gonen and Ron Williams.

Statement of Compliance was read and a flag salute commenced.

Stephanie Munson introduced herself and gave a short bio.

The logo stickers were given out and discussed how it unifies all previous attempts. The town will be using the remaining stationary with the old logo until they run out, for economic purposes then switch over to the new logo when new supplies are ordered.

Public Participation: A motion was made by Nick Pirro and second by Jennifer Rodriguez to open the meeting to the public. Seeing there was no public...

A motion to close the meeting to the public was made by Nick Pirro and second by Jennifer Rodriguez to close the meeting to the public.

Jennifer Lubliner read the minutes from the last meeting of August 10, 2021. Dan Segal made changes to a line concerning Cannabis. Dan Segal made the motion to accept the minutes with change, and Jennifer Rodriguez seconded.

The Flowchart checklist was discussed and Jennifer Lubliner should have a draft by next meeting.

The Internship program: Jennifer Rodriguez reached out to a teacher that was involved last year with the DECA program. He is not involved this year but gave her the names of the two teachers associated with the program. Jennifer Rodriguez needs to get feedback from the two teachers. Internship has some business focused students involved in a business.

Welcome Wagon: Jennifer updated the committee that they discontinued the Hostess program and just do mailings now. There is a main book but it is expensive to participate. It consists of two mailings and a postcard each year. They send to new homeowners only. Not rentals. There are different brackets and it is a flat fee. She will bring the information to the next meeting.

Visit Vernon Campaign: There was discussion and approved by the Mayor to put together a plan on marketing new businesses for the town.

Ideas on Brochures and Websites

Discussion went back to a flowchart needed or a checklist of papers needed for each business, who to contact, etc. Right now, the process is very confusing for new business owners.

Jennifer Rodriguez stated that we should table the marketing campaign until the flowchart is completed, and we have a good foundation. Second by Dan Segal.

Jennifer Lubliner stated that the council is talking about a reorganization of the committee. Economic Committee is only advisory to the Mayor. This will make us more like the Land Use Board and report to the Council. The Council has this in front of them and will vote on ZOOM.

A few new businesses were discussed and committee updated:

The Car wash is in progress

Thai Restaurant is moving forward

The Apple Inn changed hands and is now the Fox and Bear Lodge with a Grand Opening coming soon.

Will Browns Farm has "Clamping" now a hotel in a tent.

Committee Comments:

Nick Pirro asked how far along is the checklist

Jennifer Lubliner said possibly next meeting.

Sussex County Day on Sunday. No admission charge. Jennifer Lubliner will be there.

Dan Segal made the motion to adjourn. Nick Pirro seconded. All in favor

Adjournment 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Debbie Coulson