Meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.

Statement of Compliance was read

Salute to the Flag

Roll Call:
Jennifer Lubliner
Nicholas Pirro
Ron Williams
Stephanie Munson
Keren Gonen

Absent: Jennifer Rodriguez, Dan Segal

Keren Gonen introduced herself as a local agent who wants to get involved in the town. She was welcomed by all.

A motion to open the meeting to the public by Nicholas Pirro, Second by Keren Gonen. All in favor. No comments from the public

A motion to close the meeting to the public by Nicholas Pirro, Second by Ron Williams. All in favor.

Jennifer Lubliner discussed the Sussex County Day and making the display better for next year. The puzzle of Vernon was dated and needs updating. She will share some ideas with Michele to plan for next year.

Jennifer Lubliner stated that the new stationary is in and the township has started using it. The stationary has the new logo on it. She then explained to the new member about the stages of revamping the logo and why it was important. Too many different logos and colors are confusing and there should be just one to represent Vernon. Now with all the logos being the same it ties it all together.

Approval of minutes from September. Minutes were read and minor changes were made to correct spelling, missing words, etc. A motion to approve the minutes with changes was made by Nick Pirro and second by Jennifer Lubliner. Ron Williams and Keren Gonen were not present at that meeting so they abstained from the vote. All others approved.

Checklist on New Businesses: Jennifer Lubliner said it is important for people to get the info they need and be able to get a PDF page integrated and to be able to print out the permits needed.

Stephanie Munson asked about our website.

Jennifer Lubliner explained that we can make change requests via the Mayor, Irene Mills or Chuck and they will contact the vendor to get answers to questions and make changes.

Jennifer Lubliner mentioned that we need a new modern website. They might be willing to update it considering the success with the new logo. After the checklist is done then we can look into a tab on the website.

Internship Program: Jennifer Rodriguez is in touch with people at the school and will meet with teachers in the program next week. She will update us then. If anyone has questions you can reach out to her.

Thank You letter: Jennifer Lubliner stated that the Mayor wanted to do something at the next Council meeting. The Council should meet October 14th/next meeting. Meeting starts at 7:00 with Statement of Compliance read and Flag Salute, then a ceremony can take place. Council meetings are the second and fourth Monday of each month. She will check with the Mayor and confirm.

Shop Vernon Program: Jennifer Lubliner announced that the state will now cover the fund and fees to the program. This will now be a zero cost to the merchants. Keren Gonen was asked to be the liaison to the Chamber of Commerce, and be the go to person. She then explained the Shop Vernon program. Secretary Coulson mentioned that this was voted down at the June 2, 2021 meeting. Nicholas Pirro said it was now resurrected due to the no cost factor. There will still be processing fees to be discussed. Jennifer Lubliner stated that the program needs an owner, and she is looking for Chamber of Commerce representatives to run the program. She will take a vote for Keren Gonen to take over Shop Vernon. Maybe the Chamber can put it on their website.

Township Perception: Jennifer Lubliner stated that during the Spartan Race Township signs read to avoid streets in Vernon due to heavy traffic. Every big event the Township has an attitude that is unwelcoming. We need to change this.

Stephanie Munson commented on the litter after events. Nicholas Pirro stated that there was a couch on the side of the road that came from people that live here and not the visitors. The administration needs to increase fines for littering.

After events we could have nonprofit groups or boy scouts clean up using the Clean Community Grant. It can be a fundraiser for the Beautification Committee. But keep in mind about the paperwork for a permit and the fee.

Maybe the Farmers Market could be on the same day as the larger events. We want visitors to come to Vernon.

Jennifer Lubliner, Stephanie Munson and Keren Gonen discussed positive input for events.

Stephanie asked about a traffic plan.

Ron Williams added "Welcome to the Spartan Race" instead of "Avoid Traffic". Something positive on the signs.

Jennifer Lubliner wants to recommend in the form of a motion the following:

1. Change the wording on signs for the events, making it more positive and welcoming.

2. Promote Clean Communities after events.

3. Raise the fees on littering, more no litter signs and receptacles.

4. Create and plan events with the Community involvement. (Maybe Recreation and or the Beautification Committee)

Motion made by Stephanie Munson and Second by Nicholas Pirro, all in favor.

Jennifer Lubliner will type up the recommendation. She will also send a copy to the Recreation and Beautification Committees.


Jennifer Lubliner spoke to John Auberger about Annual parades in town. We should have a Vernon Day Parade, Special Olympics Parade, etc. Parade Route is from Dairy Queen to the Flats. We need to change the Perception of Vernon. Celebrate the positives.

Keren Gonen said that Vernon has a small town mentality even though we have a lot of square miles.

Jennifer Lubliner stated that we need a Celebration Committee and should ask the Administration to form a committee for Engagements and Celebrations. Keren Gonen made the motion, Nicholas Pirro Seconded, all I favor.

Committee Member Comments:

Ron Williams-no

Nicholas Pirro-no

Keren Gonen-no

Stephanie Munson-no

Jennifer Lubliner-On October 16, 2021 at 10 AM there will be a Grand Opening of Urgent Care next to the Lakeland Bank.

October 23, 2021 from 1:00 to 3:00 Grand Opening at Bliss Salon next to China Star.

Other new Businesses are Valley Trends Boutique and Art Studio. They are not ready for a Grand Opening due to expanding and setting up. Also the Fox and Bear Bed And Breakfast opened and will have a Grand Opening later on.

Motion to adjourn made by Stephanie Munson, Second by Keren Gonen, all in favor at 8:12 PM.

After meeting: Jennifer Lubliner discussed the Welcome Wagon Program and had literature regarding it. Ron Williams stated that he gets three to five coupons from Welcome wagon every week. It is working for him.