Call to Order

Chair Read the Statement of Compliance

Salute to the Flag

Roll Call:

Jennifer Lubliner present
Nicholas Pirro present at 7:35 and brought up to date.
Jennifer Rodriguez present
Dan Segal absent
Joseph Tadrick present
Ron Williams present
Debbie Coulson recording secretary present

Mayor Burrell was present to give the: Oath of office to Ron Williams and Joseph Tadrick

Public Participation: a motion was made by Jennifer Lubliner and second by Ron Williams to open to the public.

No Public

Close public participation: A motion was made by Jennifer Lubliner and second by Ron Williams to close the public session.

Vote for EDAC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. Jennifer Lubliner for Chair, Jennifer Rodriguez for co-chair-all in favor.

Vote on minutes from last meeting February 9, 2021.

Motion: By Jennifer Lubliner
Second: By Jennifer Rodriguez all in favor

Items on Agenda:

Chairwoman Lubliner handed out items for discussion.

Shop Local Directory, five different examples this is to push small independent businesses. Michelle Downtain will start posting these on the Vernon Township page... The Mayor said that Chair Lubliner and Michelle have great ideas and he is on board with it.

Marketing the Township: Chair Lubliner stated that the DECA students can work with local businesses in the Community and to contact Mrs. Flannery.

Changing the reputation of Vernon being hard to work with, We need to be Vernon Friendly. Building department head can come to the April meeting.

Pledge to Pause: Chair Lubliner stated that this began in 2019 with a high school theatre teacher. Wanted to know if we can start this up again. This is for businesses and consumers. She will reach out to Facebook. Jennifer Rodriguez asked if the hand print can be used on the internet. Chair Lubliner stated that it started in Vernon and to feel free to use it on Facebook.

Vernon Community Guide: The brochure needs to be updated. Everyone seemed excited about updating it and having a current contact list of Vernon. It was never used before and hardly distributed. The brochure should have all Vernon businesses listed in it, including online businesses. Ron Williams will get a list from Jennifer Hopper, Vernon Chamber of Commerce President, of the current businesses. Chair Lubliner wants to send them out in the mail. Joseph Tadrick thinks it should be put on the township page. He stated that whatever we do in print we should also do online. Brochure should have addresses, directions, Vernon Shopping, Pause pledge to bring all the info together.

Chair Lubliner stated that Marissa Rossi is working on a map guide.

Ron Williams stated that we should revive Welcome Wagon. They are still giving out packages. Jennifer Rodriguez said it should be in real estate offices with coupons. Information of the Shop Vernon Program should be included.

We should put together a presentation from the company (Carmine) to help people understand the program. We now have Facebook to bring information to the residents. Nicholas Pirro thought it was a good idea. Maybe a ZOOM meeting to reach out to people. Joseph Tadrick said we should look at the list of original vendors and ask how it was for them. Do they have any suggestions or questions? Chair Lubliner will reach out to businesses to see about interest. If there is interest, then she will call Carmine and set up a meeting.

Chair Lubliner asked the committee what ideas they have for marketing the town. New businesses coming in are Valley Antique Records on Omega Drive-Tom Wilson- he is waiting for the spring to have a Grand Opening. Femalepreneur Popup shop in McAfee- Gena Robinson- is a vendor fair and opens March 13. 12 noon and all are invited. Mayor Burrell will be there. A new Hair Salon in H & H Plaza with different services. There is no date as to opening.

Mayor Burrell stated that someone he spoke to is planning a Car Wash in Vernon. He advised them to go to the boards. The Town Center has a unique look of their buildings and new businesses should comply with it. In the Redevelopment Plan there was a wish list of what they wanted the town to look like. The Car Wash would be using a private water company. They already bought the property on Theta Drive. This will have to go through the Council, Land Use Board and then site plan, etc. Jennifer Rodriguez was concerned about the soap and chemicals. Joseph Tadrick is on the Land Use Board and will look into it.

Mayor Burrell stated that there is no consideration for Auto use within the Town Center, but this might be okay with being a Car Wash.

Joseph Tadrick stated that the Land Use Board has to present both negative and positive aspects of a business. Circle K has done the research on putting in their Gas Station (market Research).

Mayor Burrell stated that they are currently working on the old Faline building.

Joe Tadrick mentioned the center barrier and that it is on a county road. If we want any changes we would have to pay for them. He asked what it takes to get people to spend more time and money in Vernon. Advertising.


Joe Tadrick stated it was a great meeting

Chair Lubliner wants to be updated on everything

Ron Williams thought it was a good meeting and can’t wait to get COVID under control

Jennifer Rodriguez thought everyone had great ideas.

Joe Tadrick made the motion to adjourn at 8:20, second by Nicholas Pirro. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Coulson Recording Secretary