Meeting was called to order.

Chair Jennifer Lubliner read the statement of compliance.

Salute to the flag

Roll call:

Jennifer Lubliner, Nicholas Pirro, Jennifer Rodriguez, Ron Williams present.

Dan Segal, Joseph Tadrick absent.

Motion to open meeting to the public was made by Nicholas Pirro, second by Ron Williams.

No public attendance

Motion to close the meeting to the public was made by Jennifer Rodriguez, second by Nicholas Pirro.

March 2, 2021 minutes approval: Committee reviewed minutes and question the Building Dept. Heads name (Robert Westenberger) some names misspelled to be corrected. Motion by Jennifer Rodriguez, second by Ron Williams. To approve with changes, all in favor.

Pledge to Pause will repost monthly and will also have a booth at the Vernon Farmers Market.

DECA Program Distributed Education. The young adults in school (High School) what it takes to run a business? And a mentorship with a business. Two ways of approach:

1. Student will work 6 weeks in one business and 6 weeks in a different business.

2. Student will work one on one in the same business for the 12 weeks.

3. Jennifer Rodriguez mentioned another approach to get a group of students and a group of business owners together as a sort of “kick off” to the program. Kids can move from table to table for information.

Ron Williams stated he did the program years ago and thinks it is a good idea.

Jennifer Rodriguez said we should host it.

Nicholas Pirro stated that he does not think it is a good idea to split the weeks up with two different jobs.

Jennifer Rodriguez thinks the student should get paid or a mix of pay and school credit.

Shop Local Directory/Community Guide:

Discussion about what businesses should be included. The Chamber of Commerce included 68 people/members. Jennifer Lubliner will put it out on Facebook again. How do we contact business to be included? Sharing it on Vernon Page, Vernon Non Political, Inside Out, Right Side Up. Jennifer Lubliner will ask the Mayor to put it on the Vernon Township Site.

Jennifer Rodriguez mentioned putting an ad in the paper.

Nicholas Pirro asked how expensive is that?

Jennifer Rodriguez asked what about a digital version...what would be the cost?

Discussion among members concerning digital/newspaper.

Outside of Vernon businesses were mentioned and Mary Kay Consultants not being a local business.

Jennifer Rodriguez and Nicholas Pirro discussed: consultants and sales people, franchises. No 1099 or franchise, need a business license, and do they file tax under the business name.

Jennifer Lubliner stated we want legitimate businesses. Jennifer Rodriguez stated that it should not be called a “Community Guide” but maybe a “Independent Business Guide.” Jennifer Lubliner asked the Committee if they were all on the same page with this. Nicholas Pirro agreed.

Marketing the Township:

Nicholas Pirro looking for pictures of Vernon if anyone can take pictures. We need 24-30 pictures.

Jennifer Lubliner said the Jessi Paladini had a professional photographer take pictures of Vernon and we can use them. Maybe the high school has pictures.

Jennifer Rodriguez asked if Vernon Township have a high school newspaper or yearbook that might have pictures. It would be good to use the students work and give credit.

Shop Vernon Program:

Jennifer Lubliner stated that maybe each member take ten businesses to call and see how they feel about the program and what the interest is. Not to sign up today but would they be interested. We might be able to do a ZOOM on the subject. We need about 30 to make the program viable.

Would like the directory done by May 22 because of the Vernon Farmers market.

Nicholas Pirro asked about the covers for the fire hydrants. We need a town emblem to put on things. Should be clearer. And figure out what it is. (Looking at the Vernon flag) Rotary has a clean emblem that you can make out easily. Keep it clean and maybe a blue and yellow “V” No activity alienated and not committing to any one thing.

Jennifer Rodriquez asked what was on the flag, and that it is hard to make out. Ron Williams mentioned the Chamber of Commerce emblem and will send it on to the Committee. Discussion.

Jennifer Rodriguez mentioned a Creative Design class in Vernon. “Vernon is_____.” Vernon has a problem what they want to present. A business community or recreational, etc.

Nicholas Pirro stated it should be simple and represents Vernon and be green.

Jennifer Lubliner will send the request to the Mayor.

New Business:

Faline Building should be opening soon. They are doing a lot of work on this office.

Committee Member Comments:

Jennifer Lubliner on Fire Hydrant Covers. The Rotary Club will pay the full coast. The Boy Scouts will have a small metal plague on each one. Combined effort between both groups. Herald will be contacted for public relations on this event.

Motion to adjourn by Jennifer Rodriguez and second by Ron Williams. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:51

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Coulson Demether