Meeting called to order at: 7:33 p.m.

Flag Salute

Board of Recreation Members in Attendance:

Denise Urbaniak
MaryEllen Vichiconti
Joyce Brensinger
Kelly Weller
Carolyn Cacace
Mishelle Downtain

Also in attendance: Mayor Harry Shortway

July Meeting Minutes: Approved: Denise Urbaniak
Seconded: Joyce Brensinger

Old Business:

Sidewalk Art Festival:

Was a success!
Hoping to include more people next year
As per notes from that day:

  • Advertise through the schools before school ends in June
  • Signs can be placed at Maple Grange 10 days prior to event
  • Printed fliers to hand out at PAL

Playground Dedication at the Flats:

Date TBA

Town-Wide Garage Sale:

Not for fall event

New Business:

Harry Shortway discussed the referendum for recreation, and how funds can be used to build up our area. We are a 4 season community; we need to make more trails for recreation.

08/13/18 - Town council meeting where the open space referendum will be discussed

Possible new ideas: bicycle &kit festival

Movie Nights:

In conjunction with the Vernon Arts Council, to be held at the field between Cedar Mtn. & Glen Meadow Schools.

8/20 Coco
8/27 Sing
9/3 Moana

Looking for volunteers to help out at these nights.
Local food business will be contacted to sell concessions.

Sussex County Day:

Date TBA (September)
At the fairgrounds, if anyone wants to help out that day, they would be welcome.

Trunk or Treat:

October 27, 2018
Will be held again at VTHS parking lot
Volunteers are needed to help out

Turkey Trot:

  • Thanksgiving, 2018
  • Keep with the same route as last year
  • Need to get paperwork started (permits)
  • Timer is needed
  • Use the same sign/short company and medal company
  • Donations to go to a local church and Harvest House
  • Invite runners to wear costumes

Tree Lighting:

Could it be a “Toys for Tots” donation site?

Snowshoe 5K:

January 26, 2019
Need to schedule a meeting with Mountain Creek
Use the same company for headbands

Spring: Bus/Show Trip:

Possibly in April
Look into events at Paper Mill Playhouse and Morristown Theater

Foundation to Raise Money for Parks:

Starting a committee to promote donations to help replace the turf fields.

Motion to adjourn meeting at: 9:00 by Denise Urbaniak
Motion seconded by: Carolyn Cacace

Motion Approved

Next meeting: 09/03/18