The regular meeting was called to order at 7:31 p.m. by Bill Shapiro.

Board of Recreation members in attendance: Bill Shapiro, Denise Urbaniak, Mary Ellen Vichiconti, Kelly Weller, Heather Labance, Kyla Rocha, Joyce Brensinger

Also in attendance: Mayor Harry Shortway, Charles Voelker, Mishelle Downtain, Amanda Headley, James Fehring

Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve April 20, 2016 meeting minutes made by Denise Urbaniak; motion seconded by Joyce Brensinger. Motion approved.

Memorial Day Parade:

  • At the next Board of Recreation meeting information regarding upcoming events, websites and Facebook pages will be attached to the flags to be handed out at the Memorial Day Parade.
  • Volunteers are needed the day of the parade to hand out the flags to parade spectators.

Guest Speakers:

  • Mayor Harry Shortway stated his goal is to make Vernon Twp. a four season destination. He gave a brief outline on some possible new projects which included:
    • Creating a recreational hub around the Maple Grange Park area
    • Creating a botanical garden
    • Moving the horseshoe pits at Veterans’ Memorial Park over by the snack bar
    • In the area of the former Hand in Hand playground, creating a family bicycle pump track
    • Creating more hiking trails
    • Disc golf course
  • Mayor Shortway also reported that he will be meeting with county and state officials to work on a long term solution for parking at the Appalachian Trail boardwalk area on Route 517 and the parking area on Route 94 at the base of Pinwheel Vista. He will also be meeting with AT officials to discuss parking issues and the possibility of creating new trails.
  • Bill Shapiro provided input on how to best approach the AT committee for new trails and funding.
  • Charles Voelker, the Vernon Twp. Business Administrator, discussed the following:
    • Collaborating with the town of Warwick to capitalize on tourism and business opportunities.
    • Implementing a shuttle bus service between Vernon and Warwick.
    • Researching the possibility of adding a bus stop in Vernon for NJ Transit bus to Warwick.
    • Restructuring the town ordinance that applies to the township owned athletic fields in order to improve the usage of the fields and to increase the opportunity to generate income for the use of the fields.
    • The turf fields at Maple Grange Park will need repairs and probable replacement.

Ongoing Projects:

Mishelle Downtain will be meeting with Jeanne Buffalino and asked for any updates on the 5K race. Mishelle will confirm the deadline for sponsors to be added to the race t-shirts.

New Projects/Ideas:

Discussion regarding notifications for town events included:

  • The need to have a town marquee sign to list events.
  • Create a few designated locations throughout the town where banners can be hung and make the permit process to post banners more user friendly.
  • Monthly flyers posted at local businesses with upcoming events.
  • Create a map of local trails and use local business advertising to cover cost.
  • Hold quarterly open houses for new residents in the area.

Motion to adjourn at 9:17 p.m. made by Denise Urbaniak; motion by seconded by Kelly Weller. Motion approved.

Next Meeting—May 18, 2016