The regular meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by Bill Shapiro.

In attendance: Bill Shapiro, Denise Urbaniak, Heather Labance, Kyla Rocha, Joyce Brensinger, Jeanne Buffalino

Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve April 6, 2016 meeting minutes with corrections made by Heather Labance; motion seconded by Joyce Brensinger. Motion approved.

Memorial Day Parade:

Four hundred flags ordered to be handed out at the Memorial Day Parade. Prior to the parade information about upcoming events, websites and Facebook pages will be added.

Holiday Parade:

  • Bill Shapiro presented some of the Board of Recreation ideas to the Department of Community Affairs.
  • A committee to formalize and outline to be presented for approval will be formed. Bill Shapiro will ask Mary Ellen Vichiconti to head that committee.

Ongoing Projects:

5K Race—need items for swag bags.

New Projects/Ideas:

  • Turf Fields at Maple Grange Park
    • Fields are in need of repair or possible replacement.
    • Town officials and representatives from the turf installer will be meeting to inspect the fields and discuss options.
  • Kite Day—can work with STEM classes in the schools to design and construct kites.
  • Butterfly Release
  • Denise Urbaniak will draft a proposal for a bi-annual (spring and fall) clean-up at Maple Grange Park with the participation of the local youth sports leagues.
  • Bill Shapiro requested that each member come up with ideas to present at the next Board of Recreation Department.


Bill Shapiro will inquire if the local youth sports leagues pay for the use of town fields to hold profit-making tournaments.

Motion to adjourn at 8:40 p.m. made by Denise Urbaniak; motion by seconded by Kyla Rocha. Motion approved.

Next Meeting—May 4, 2016