The regular meeting was called to order at 7:32 p.m. by Mary Bradley.

Board Members in Attendance

Mary Bradley
Mary Ellen Vichiconti
Diane Cook
Frank Annunziata
Melissa Wiedbrauk

New Business

Swearing in by Mayor Marotta of Frank Annunziata, Mary Bradley, Diane Cook and Mary Ellen Vichiconti.

Current Events the Board is Committed To

Spring Festival

With PAL. Egg hunt, vendors, we help with staffing. This year perhaps a Board of Rec. table? This year more coordination from our group with PAL.

Fishing Derby

Firehouse location across from A&P. In the past we were not involved; this year we would like to coordinate with PAL.

Memorial Day Parade

VFW coordinates [we can help]. We can help them get involvement from teams. This is the height of baseball season; last year we needed at least 500 flags.

Vernon Day

First weekend in June? Bigger and better next year.

July/Recreation Month

Last year we did laser tag on 7/1 [bug issue]. Will discuss next July’s plan.

Battle of the Bands

Run by teenagers completely; total success!

National Night Out—August 1, 2012

Next year: dance floor, EMT on site, cops to bring ATV, flashlights.

PowWow—September 25, 2011

Need to decide what we’re doing. MaryEllen doing taco in a baggo. Indian bead necklaces last year; rain sticks this year [start saving paper towel rolls]?

Halloween Party

With PAL. Need to get date; we help with staffing; Youth Group runs the event.

Holiday Tree Lighting

With PAL and Chamber of Commerce. Need to discuss date. Missi already got Mr. and Mrs. Claus to commit. Frosty the Snowman will attend.

New Suggestions for Events/Changes

Car Show

Involve Dan Storey. Once a month? Bring in classic cars and market the event to families. Get dealerships and the Wanderers Car Club involved. Live music or DJ. Traffic control? Frank is going to get this event going.

Winter Carnival

Snowboarders/skiers—have vendors sell items and food. Weekend event. Ice sculpture? Snow man making contest? Cross country ski at Maple Grange. Advertise and promote some kind of Jazz Night for adults. Mentioned that Presidents Day weekends are busiest at the resorts.

Equipment Swap

Expo with sports teams to swap equipment. Pay admission and teams can work the tables.


Find flat parcel of town owned land for flea market. Sell table space to vendors and food vendors.

Discussion from Members

  • Look into 501c fundraisers for Rec. Board.
  • Invite Jason Haw and the high school cop to the next meeting?
  • Sept. - June recruit a teen member to the Board of Recreation [high school credit?].
  • Teens need an indoor/outdoor area to hang out in.
  • Need a community recreation center.
  • Bike trail: revitalize.
  • Get signs at flats—no dogs allowed.
  • Check on ordinance improvement 1. Need conflict resolution 2. Coaches need background checks.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.