Call the Meeting to Order: 7:40 p.m.

Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 23, P.L. 1975 adequate notice as defined by Section 3D, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 has been caused to be made to the following: The New Jersey Herald, daily and Sunday, AIM and the Advertiser-News, and is posted on the bulletin board reserved for that purpose in the Vernon Municipal Center.

Roll Call

Don Sledgeski—absent
Art Sinfield—absent
Jon Rosenberg
Mary Ellen Vichiconti
Mary Bradley
Jason Rinker
Barbara Green
Robert Barrett—absent


February 17—Approved
March 18—JR/JR Approved w/correction

Chairperson Report


Working on the booth to advertise Vernon Day or visiting vendors booth to hand out information about Vernon Days. (Set up at 10 a.m.)

  • Mary Ellen V—12-2 p.m.
  • Jon R—when able
  • Mary B—11 to whenever
  • Jason R—whenever
  • Boards—one with Vernon Day—others done—banner
  • Charity run—update $525.00 donation impressive

Recreation Director Report

Sneak preview of the video.

Donation a tree in Julia Schlesinger memory.

Maple Grange fee schedule for concession stand—sports haven’t responded to being interested in running it. Recommend to the council—no sports groups are interested so will put out to bid—sports can still bid. Trying to e-mail groups—no response—weekly for info—tells the council.

In the past a temporary food stand could be used by the sports groups but now sports use building or nothing.

Electric comes into the center—water testing—ready to open. Vote on at council meeting 4/22. Send out to bid for using.

At the 3/18 meeting sport groups were asked to form a coalition to use the concession stand plus Vernon Crossing. No responses since—they can now be a “bidder.” Consistency in opening in Sept—rent out in summer for picnics.

Motion for the football season to extend season a week—start in July and no extra charge. Passed.

Write a letter to police chief and ask to patrol more now with the snack bar there. Men’s softball games—drinking—and boy’s baseball tailgate between double headers—BBQ and this is not permitted.

There was a dog bite at Maple Grange—dog was off leash.

Recommend tomorrow evening 4/22 to council info on the going to bid for the building.

Change 07-12 ordinance—amend that to include building. Make money or cover cost. Pay to reserve area—more with building and may be lower for residents. MGP not under green acres—set price rental as anything.

PAL and township—$51,000 given by the township to PAL—Pat has now moved—manager cut budget to PAL—give them all the programs that Pat would run—4-5-6 year old programs and keep profits. Easter Day—Halloween—Tree Lighting—Earthfest. We can come up with new programs. $20,000 a year for them now paid by PAL-sponsored by township and Pal—changes—come to us for approval.

Committee Reports

Vernon Days—generator to use. Flyer through school of advertisements. Fill the shed—Vernon Day. Might have water—if tested. Table with informational items. Mary—reach out to Kip Merritt. Ask town council for permission to use great lawn for music—have a volunteer to do it. Grand opening of snack bar at Vernon Days.

Old Business

Robert Barrett not showing up and not responding.

Motion to vote Robert off due to new regulations. JR/MEV Passes.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.