Call the Meeting to Order: 7:30 p.m.

Roll Call

Don Sledgeski (arrived 7:40 p.m.)
Mary Bradley
Harry Shortway
Barbara Green
Art Sinfield (arrived at 7:45 p.m.)
Dave Bower

Also Present

Pat Seger


Dave Bower sworn in by Pat Seger.


Motion to accept as written.

Chairperson Report

None—Tony was not in attendance. Harry Shortway chaired meeting.

Recreation Director Report

Fields are now open at all locations. Announcers booth needs the C.O.

Council approved community building. This must be completed by 12/09. Grant money is being used and all must be spent by end of the year.

An Eagle Scout has approached the group to make picnic tables for the covered pavilion. Idea to make additional monies once finished is to rent it out to group, payment would reserve spot.

Concession Stand

The fields are now multi use fields so other groups might want to run the stands. Will look into how Randolph Recreation runs their program. An idea may be to take turns manning the stand but the monies are pooled. Another idea is to “bid” out the job and then the township makes money.

Discussion on handicapped picnic table. Maple Grange Park may not need one. Township has considered it.

Playground committee is still in the works. Signs are needed.

Fee Ordinance

Needs to be brought up to date. Online donations seem to be working.

Organization of “Friends of the Park” to look at all things happening. Ideas to add items and spruce up areas. First vandalism at MGP with garbage can stolen. Need to keep doggy bags full. Maybe a suggestion box at the park.

Problem w/Men’s Softball

No smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco at schools. No permit renewal unless this changes.

Boy Scout Troops to help with clean up.

Committee Reports


Old Business

Continued discussion about solar powered panels at MGP and community building. Electric could be sold back to company.

Lacrosse Tournament

Hold for 2010. Save a date for end of summer or early fall. There are a couple more weeks to generate interest for 2009.

Possibility of a soccer tournament in 2010 also.

New Business

Idea of Frisbee golf/disk golf at both MGP and also the historical site. This is a pole with a number of chains and a Frisbee. There is no intrusion to the environment. Pat S. asked Ms. Paladini if this might be a possibility for using the historical area of the park. Ms. Paladini said she would have to check with the society but didn’t seem to think there would be a problem. We could work together on this.

Looking for a sponsor for one of the scoreboards at MGP.

There is a shade grant that is available for groups.

Mission statement will need to be revised.

There seems to be a dog problem at the new fields. Dogs are to be kept on a leash at all times. (Hopefully this will no longer be a problem in the near future?)

Part of the Canal Road and also Prices Switch is town park land.

Open to Public

Jessica Paladini—President of Vernon Historical Society brought to attention of board concern of ridicule of the Historical Society via local forum. Both recreation and Historical Society do good things for the town and should work together, not against one another. Ms. Paladini talked about the History Channel grant received. An archaeological dig is set for June 26 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lenni Lenape will participate along with about 20 Vernon children. The Historical Society is looking into an outdoor site for an outdoor classroom. Concern of vandalism on this idea.

Next meeting: April 15, 2009

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.