Call the Meeting to Order: 8:00 p.m.

Roll Call

Art Sinfield
Mary Bradley
Harry Shortway
Barbara Green.

Also Present

Pat Seger

Absent: Tony Palmieri and Don Sledgeski


January minutes read and approved.

Chairperson Report

None—Tony was not in attendance.

Recreation Director Report

Field locations have been assigned for football, soccer, girl’s softball, lacrosse and baseball. All groups are cooperative and working with one another.

Girl’s softball fields have new turf.

Discussion on Men’s Softball League

  1. They are using the school fields and flats every night but Friday and Sunday mornings.
  2. Issue with littering and smoking on premises was discussed.
  3. Discussed issue of police patrol for problems. Propose to send a letter to town manager inquiring on this. Letter would include more security at the park and to cover littering problem. If special fire police could be used then a more flexible schedule could be arranged.
  4. Designated parking is also a problem but without signs it can’t be enforced.
  5. Possibility of raising usage rates to enable police presence which may curb problems.
  6. Another possibility could be that fire police to could be on patrol. If special police (Class 2) handled situations, summons could be written.
  7. If a specific group violates rules, no field permit would be granted for the next year.
  8. Also place an order of priority for use of fields. 95% of group must be Vernon residents.
  9. Night use—pay a night fee for fields in addition to regular fee OR let us know when lights can be turned off.

Playground Committee

Looking for a group to keep recreation up to date on playground issues. Safety issues including broken equipment. Possibly mothers that use it regularly.

Sheriff’s Department will be painting Maple Grange Park areas.

Old Business

Solar Powered Lights

Ultimate Greenway, PSEG (2/2009) These are lights for the Maple Grange Pathway. Lifetime of 20 years. Guards can be placed over light for protection. Cost of $22,000 as opposed to $100,000. They light approximately 1 hour before dusk and stay lit until 1 to 1-1/2 hour after dawn. SREC has a buy back program of power not used.

Community building needs to be finished by 12/09.

New Business

Lacrosse Tournament

Tentative dates of July 3-5, 2009. Hope to have approximately 24 teams involved. Looking for promotions for hotels, food, etc. Might hold a fundraiser with a group for food. Dinner at the pavilion before fireworks. More information to follow in March.

Open to Public

No public in attendance.

Next meeting: March 18, 2009

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.