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Ordinance No. 14-19

Introduced: October 27, 2014
Public Hearing: December 22, 2014
Status: Adopted

An ordinance to amend township Ordinance #14-09") 0px 50% repeat-x;"> 

WHEREAS, on July 14, 2014 the Township Council adopted Ordinance 14-09, as amended, entitled “An Ordinance Amending Chapter 330 Land Development Ordinance, to Repeal Ordinance 13-10 which Established Article XIX Highlands Preservation Area Requirements and Replace It with Article XIX Highlands Preservation Area Land Use Ordinance to Regulate Development in the Highlands Preservation Area of the Township of Vernon”; and

WHEREAS, in the process of codification of the ordinance it has been determined that some sections, listed below, from Ordinance 14-09 need to be further amended, corrected or deleted to remove sections that were optional in the original ordinance; specifically:

Article 6.6 Lake Management Area, §6.6.4 Scenic Resources Tier, Paragraph C “Highlands Scenic Resources” shall be deleted in its entirety.

Article 8.1 Residential Cluster Development, §8.1.3 Development Set Aside of Cluster Project Area Standards, Paragraph J shall be amended to delete the following phrase in its entirety: “Protection of the Highlands Historic, Cultural and Archaeological Resources and] the Highlands Scenic Resources (Exhibit 9) shall be considered an incorporated consistent with the provisions at §6.11 and §6.12. Primary criteria for site design decision-making shall include protection of existing resources and minimization of negative impacts.” (sic)

Article 9 Application Review Procedures & Requirements, §9.1.2 Highlands Act Exemptions, Paragraph C, Procedures shall be amended as reflected below:

C. Procedures. Municipal Exemption Determinations shall be issued by the Board Planner, Exemption Designee as indicated at D C-4., below, within 45 days of receipt of a request for same. In no case shall failure to meet this date constitute approval of the exemption.

Article 9 Application Review Procedures & Requirements, §9.1.4 Applications Requiring Prior Highlands Council Approval, Paragraph C. “Scenic Resources” shall be deleted in its entirety.

Article 9 Application Review Procedures & Requirements, §9.4.1 General Submission Requirements, Paragraph D “Prior Approvals,” Sub-paragraph 6 which states “[f]or any application affecting a Scenic Resources pursuant to §6.12, Notice of Authorization issued by the Highlands Council pursuant to §6.12.3” shall be deleted in its entirety.

WHEREAS, all other provisions of the Ordinance shall remain in full force and effect.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Township Council of the Township of Vernon, County of Sussex, State of New Jersey that Ordinance 14-09 be and hereby is amended as noted above.


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