Swear-in newly appointed member Margaret Distasi.

Mayor Burrell spoke briefly about his hopes for Vernon and his commitment to his campaign promises.

1. Call to order: 7:15 p.m.

2. Statement of Compliance and Salute to the Flag

3. Roll Call

Present: Cara Brown (CB), Michael Cheski (MC), Margaret Distasi (MD), Craig Williams (CW)
Absent no communication: Angela Erichsen

4. Reorganization

Cara Brown named chair
Peg Distasi named vice-chair

5. Public Participation

Jessi Paladini - Objected to the commission voting on meeting dates for 2020 as they were not listed on the printed agenda. Raised concerns about the lack of availability of minutes on the township website. Stated that we are required to hire a recording secretary to keep minutes. Suggested sharing a secretary with the historical preservation committee. Asked if there was any update on DEP activity related to vegetation removal at the ACME plaza.

Sally Rinker - Objected to Craig Williams serving as chair because he is a member of the land use board. Suggested improving communication to the community regarding dirty dirt by publishing a flyer to be included within the tax bill mailer.

6. Land Use Board Liaison Report

CW reported on the status of the Newsom major soil fill project. The property owner is cooperating with zoning and expects the project to be completed soon.

7. Communication

Mountain Creek submitted their 2020 master plan update. From the maps it appears that the new items are all non-permanent structures. At South, there are 2 tow ropes proposed for construction, each disturbing 300 ft. This area is at the bottom of the slope and already cleared.

JCP&L provided notification of permit application to NJDEP and DLUR for vegetative maintenance and utility infrastructure maintenance within wetlands. From the map it appears they will be working on transmission lines.

8. New Business

MUA Water Feasibility Committee requested representation from the environmental commission - MD volunteered.

MD brought up the issue of lead in the schools’ water. Brief discussion of status of lead treatment.

MD suggested looking into feasibility of installation of solar panels at the municipal building. There was discussion of arrays in the parking lot. MD indicated she would begin research and working on a proposal for town council.

MD brought up the status of bill S1683, hearing that it had “died in chamber.” Commission agreed that news was disconcerting and would continue to research.

CB brought up the recycling center. Suggesting better communication with the community so that more people are aware of what is accepted at the recycling center and their hours. MC offered to begin working on a graphic flyer to possibly be included in a mailer.

9. Old Business

NRI - brief discussion of need for update to NRI, CB will get more information at ANJEC training in March.

Single-use plastics resolution - resolution did not make it for discussion by council last year, CB will follow up with new mayor and council president.

3 Silver Spruce Drive dumping - brief discussion of status of trials and appeals, not much information has been released by the state. Judge appointed a receiver, but no further details are available.

10. Approval of Minutes from November 18, 2019

Motion CB, second CW

11. Adjournment

Motion CW, second MC 8:27 p.m.