1. Call to Order

At 7:00 by chair Mike Furrey.

2. Statement of Compliance

3. Salute to Flag

4. Roll Call


5. Open to the Public

Motion by CK second by JA; unanimous

No public

Close to the Public

Motion JA, Second CK, unanimous

6. LUB Liaison Report

JA reported that two applications had been heard. The first concerned a front yard setback on a house in Highland Lakes. No problems noted. The second application was Aqua’s proposal to install two 20,000 gal above ground tanks. This is in the vicinity of Cedar Ridge. The current water system for about 200 homes uses underground tanks. A large number of residents attended and were opposed to above ground tanks. MF asked if the Aqua had a water storage waiver from the DEP since they planned on using a generator and smaller than required tanks. Water use is based on 200 gal/da/person and the water system should have a 3 day storage capacity.

7. Old Business

RR Issue

Jennifer at SC Bd. Health contacted RR and RR immediately started removing ties. From Hardyston border north was cleaned. Jamie Rickey had filed a complaint on RR near Warwick border.

Open Space

Greener By Design’s proposal has not been submitted. They seem hesitant to get involved with Vernon. MC suggested the company be given one more chance. MF asked if EC supports the acquisition of the old creamery property on the flats. Determined that due diligence should be done first before giving a recommendation.

Tree Grant

3 bids were gotten, but all were too expensive. Now planning on a spring planting. Ron will re do the RFP and submit it to the DEP.

Highlands Water Study

No update


Will be discussed at next meeting. Topics can be decided and assigned.

8. LUB Applications Under Review

Aqua find out if they have a water storage waiver and we are against above ground tanks.

9. Approval of Minutes

CW did minutes and will bring them next meeting.

10. Commissioners’ Comments

MC there is a ANJEC workshop Oct 13. He would like to investigate an ordinance banning Styrofoam. Has pictures of hay farm on RT 565. MF suggests he gives them to zoning officer.

MF - Mentioned gold standard for Sustainable NJ. He is working on the state committee.

JA - there was a tanker leak on RT 517 near GG South, Hazmat was not called.

11. Adjournment

Motion by JA, Second by CK unanimous 8:43 p.m.