1. Call to Order

At 7:00 by chair Mike Furrey.

2. Statement of Compliance

3. Salute to Flag

4. Roll Call


5. Open to the Public

Motion by CK; second by JA; unanimous

About 12 Girl Scouts from Vernon troop #96050 came forward. They each had a poster and or birdhouse and explained the project they were working on. Gypsy months are destroying Vernon’s trees. Two of the predators who eat them are bluebirds and chickadees. The troop is making ten bird houses and hopes to place them within Maple Grange Park. MF mentioned the trail property by the Lutheran church as possible habitat. He invited the scouts to the June 11th trail-making event. He would also see if the Greenway grant money could help fund the birdhouse project.

Close to the Public

Motion CW, Second JA, unanimous

6. LUB Liaison Report

JA reported that two applications had been heard. The first was Ted Decker who was adding a bay to his building on Vernon Crossing. Years ago, the property was approved for 3 buildings, but only 2 were built. The new bay is for trucks. The second application was Valley View Farm. They needed clarification on the easement language which was part of the deed to the Drew property which they purchased and want to put into farmland preservation. JA also asked the LUB secretary about the Master Plan and what it contained about NRI/ERI. She could not find this section.

7. Old Business

RR Issue

Originally referred to the DEP wetlands division, the state now said it should be looked at by Solid Hazardous Waste Enforcement or the county board of health. There will be a conference call with the state on Monday, May 22 to discuss the issue.

Open Space/Land Conservancy

Greener By Design’s proposal was selected by the Greenway committee.

Tree Grant

JA talked to Ron the forester and Chuck the twp administrator. The project must go out to bid so there is no time to do spring planting. Planting is planned for the fall. The schools and the Black Creek site at the state park are possible planting locations. Planting must be done correctly since twp. must pay for any trees that die.

Highlands Water Study

Is under way. If net availability is found, Vernon could apply for a water allocation permit. MF has a digital copy of the study. Results of the study must be approved by the Highlands Council. Vernon’s sole source aquifer is very large.


Was a success. Good turn out and the ANJEC game was very popular.

Vernon Day

Is June 4 from 11 - 4 and the EC will share a table with the Greenway.

8. LUB Applications Under Review


9. Approval of Minutes

4/17/2017 approved [CK, JA, MF]

10. Commissioners’ Comments

MF was in touch with the NWAC owner who said we could visit property. MF will schedule a date.

11. Adjournment

Motion by CK, Second by JA unanimous 8:37 p.m.