1. Call to Order

At 7:00 by chair Mike Furrey.

2. Statement of Compliance

3. Salute to Flag

4. Roll Call


5. Open to the Public

Motion by CW second by JA; unanimous

No public

Close to the Public

Motion CW, Second JA, unanimous

6. LUB Liaison Report

JA reported that two applications had been heard. The first concerned the owner who had bought Borisuk’s barn. The building was redone into office space and parking. The LUB gave an approval a while ago. The owner was in for some changes to the parking lot. He hopes to buy another parcel for another phase of development. He has until Dec. 31 to present all changes.

The second applicant was Mt. Creek who talked about their master plan for the waterpark. They are revamping some of the existing rides but not increasing the amount of water usage. Major development planned for 2018-2020. Discussion on if water was chlorinated and how it was discharged. It appears that water is pumped from the valley, chlorinated, stored in tanks on the mountaintop and discharged to the sewer after use.

7. Old Business

RR Issue

Meeting was held with DEP, Mayor Shortway and MF. The DEP’s Solid Hazardous Waste Enforcement office will contact RR.

Open Space

Greener By Design’s proposal submitted to town and their attorney is looking over it.

Tree Grant

JA talked to Chuck the Twp. administrator. The schools talked to Ron about additional plantings. The bids will hopefully be written and sent out by next month. Masker Marsh has a plan in case the township acquires the property. The MUA area will be a small area. When all plans are finalized, the nearby neighbors will be asked for their input. The town will probably hire a contractor to plant the trees and be responsible for their care, relieving the township of that responsibility. Planting I for Sept, Oct and Nov.

Highlands Water Study

No update

Trail Building

50 volunteers plus Countryside Landscaping worked from 10 to 1. The girl scouts were there and hung about 20 birdhouses. There will be a newspaper article about the event. There is a stream that needs to be crossed and we must investigate permitting process.


Will be discussed at next meeting. Topics can be decided and assigned.

8. LUB Applications Under Review

Taco Bell

Neighbors complained about lights shining in their window. CW wanted to know if LUB has concerns with light pollution. JA explained it was a concern with NWAC parking lot.

Mt. Creek Waterpark

No concern as long as they don’t increase water usage.

Rosemark Realty

As long as they continue approved plans, we have no concerns.

9. Approval of Minutes

5/15/2017 approval with the addition of “Hazardous” to Solid Waste and correction of “digital motion” - CK second, JA unanimous

10. Commissioners’ Comments


11. Adjournment

Motion by JA, Second by CW unanimous 8:20 p.m.