Chairperson Beverly Budz called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this regular meeting has been provided to the public and the press on January 13, 2015 by delivering to the press such notice and posting same at the municipal building and filed with the office of the Township Clerk.

Salute to the Flag

Roll Call

Beverly Budz P
Doreen Edwards P
Cathy McCartney A
Alyssa Portaro P
Diane Wexler P

Also Present

Jessi Paladini, Recording Secretary

1. Open Meeting to Public

Motion to open the meeting to the public was made by Doreen Edwards.
Seconded by Diane Wexler
All were in favor.

No one from the public came forward.

2. Close Meeting to the Public

Motion to close the meeting to the public was made by Doreen Edwards.
Seconded by Diane Wexler
All were in favor.

3. Land Use Board Liaison Report

Diane Wexler said there have been no land use board meetings and therefore no report.

4. Applications Under Review

LU4-15-2: Mountain Creek Resort Minor Subdivision and Use Variance

The applicant wants to subdivide the urgent care facility from the remainder of the land parcel. They want to subdivide 1.9 acres from the remaining parcel of about 15 acres. Commissioner Diane Wexler, who is the liaison to the land use board, said she had some concerns about runoff from the project, which she will address tomorrow night at the land use board meeting. After reviewing the application, the commissioners had no other environmental concerns.

LU4-15-3: Daniel Kadish Minor Subdivision with Bulk Variance

The applicant is asking for the subdivision of a one-acre residential exclusion area from a larger tract of land that is currently in farmland preservation. Commission members questioned whether a property in farmland preservation could be further subdivided. Commission members suggested discussing the application with township engineer Cory Stoner to get further clarification. Doreen Edwards suggested speaking with Mr. Stoner before the commission makes any further comments or recommendations on the application. Chairwoman Beverly Budz will speak with Mr. Stoner or town planner Jessica Caldwell since the application will not be heard until next month.

5. Old Business

Forestry Grant and Selection of Tree Species

Chairwoman Beverly Budz said she went on a site visit to Owen Station with a park ranger to see a number of White Cedars that had died along there. They would like to see those trees replaced.

Ms. Budz explained the money for the trees would come from a state grant that will provide about 1200 trees for the township and on state land. More than half the trees will be planted on township lands with much of the remainder in the state park. Wawayanda State Park Superintendent Jessica Kruegel is eager for the project and would like to have trees planted along the beach areas of the park. Doreen Edwards suggested drafting a maintenance agreement with the state park to ensure the trees are maintained properly for the next ten years. Planting will begin in the fall.


Beverly Budz reported that the commission had a table at Earthfest with a lot of educational materials. She said it was a great success. Commission members Beverly Budz, Doreen Edwards, Diane Wexler, and Alyssa Portaro participated. Doreen thanked Beverly’s husband, Frank Budz, for making eight wooden bat houses that children at Earthfest decorated and painted. The commission handed out brochures with information about the dangers of certain chemicals such as Round Up to the environment.

6. New Business

Garbage Control Campaign and Enforcement

The commission sent a number of questions to Vernon Police Chief Randy Mills to address the township’s garbage collecting ordinances. Chief Mills was asked to attend a commission meeting to discuss this but declined the invitation. Among his responses to the commission’s questions, Chief Mills said if a complaint were filed, a police officer would be dispatched to investigate.

Chief Mills also said the police do not get involved with the penalties for violations to the ordinances. Chief Mills suggested the commission refer to the township clerk or the health department. The commission discussed an awareness program to educate the public on the garbage collection, littering, and dumping ordinances in the township. Chief Mills said he is not aware of any laws requiring that garbage be disposed or placed on the curb in a receptacle.

Chief Mills also said there are laws against open burning of garbage but referred the commission to the township fire marshal for more information.

The commission suggested creating a brochure that outlines some of the ordinances regulating disposal of garbage. They also suggested there should be more or better enforcement of violations, citing a number of places in the township where illegal dumping is occurring. They also questioned whether the police would summons someone if they witnessed the dumping themselves.

7. Correspondence

A. Letter from ANJEC—The letter updated information on pipelines.

B. Beverly Budz announced there will be an invasive species seminar in West Milford on May 18 and said she is going to attend and suggested the environmental commission members attend as well.

8. Approval of Minutes

April 14, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Doreen Edwards and seconded by Diane Wexler.

Roll Call Vote:
Ayes: Doreen Edwards, Diane Wexler, and Beverly Budz
Nays: None

9. Commissioner Comments

Commissioner Doreen Edwards suggested that the commission contact Cathy McCartney once again to discuss her seat on the commission and ask he if she intends to continue on the commission because she has not attended meetings for the past four months. She suggested there might be other members of the community who would want to be on the commission who had the time and the interest to do so.

Ms. McCartney had suggested that she wants to retire from the commission as a regular member and instead be appointed as an alternate member. Recording secretary Jessi Paladini and Chairwoman Beverly Budz told Ms. McCartney the procedure for doing so would be to resign from her position as a regular member and request by application to the mayor to be appointed as an alternate. The commission members agreed to send a letter to Ms. McCartney to ask her intentions. The secretary will draft a letter and also thank Ms. McCartney for her service to the commission.

Motion to send her a letter was made by Doreen Edwards and seconded by Diane Wexler.

Roll Call Vote:
Ayes: Doreen Edwards, Diane Wexler, and Beverly Budz
Nays: None

Chairwoman Beverly Budz discussed the planting of arborvitae trees and said some people are complaining that deer eat these trees profusely and the trees require high maintenance. She suggested ways to prevent the deer from eating them. She said putting chili pepper in the soil would deter the deer from eating them. She wants to still plant the arborvitae because she said she could not think of another tree that would grow quickly and fill in the area needing fencing. They would be planted at the dog park.

Beverly Budz asked if the commissioners wanted to participate in Vernon Day on June 7. The commissioners suggested handing out fliers about the garbage and dumping ordinances. Ms. Budz will contact the commissioners in a few weeks to see who could participate since two commission members will be out of town or on vacation during Vernon Day.


Diane Wexler moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:01 p.m. Beverly Budz seconded the motion. All were in favor.

The next meeting of the Environmental Commission will be on August 11, 2015.

Transcribed by Jessica Paladini
Recording Secretary
Adopted July 14, 2015