Art Alviene, Elmer Platz, Dan Segal, Tracey Shauger

Call to Order

Chairman Dan Segal opened the meeting at 7:11 p.m.

Secretary Minutes

Approval of the minutes were tabled as Kelly was not present.

Mayor/Council Report

No report.

Treasurer’s Report

No report.

Public Comments

No public present so there were no public comments.

Old Business

Shop Vernon sign distribution is going well. There are still some merchants who need signs delivered and this task should be completed soon. There were some merchants who either did not need them or really have nowhere to put them. These extras will be placed in storage with Elmer and Art for future use. Thank you to Elmer, Art and Dan for doing the leg work of delivering these signs around town.

Billboard across from McAfee Ski Shop has been offered to the EDAC by Gary at Mcafee Ski for use of the Shop Vernon signs. This billboard can accommodate a 4x8 banner (one on each side). Elmer will see Mike at The Copy Center to find out how much it will cost for two 4x8 banners to place on the billboard with the Shop Vernon logo. Once we get the quote, then that will vote for approval and then pass it onto the mayor for his approval of the funds.

New Business

Press release for Shop Vernon cannot be discussed because Tony was absent from the meeting tonight.

It has been decided that from here on out, when merchants sign up for Shop Vernon via the Shop Vernon website, Fin Credit is to contact the EDAC and let us know about the new member once they have applied. This way the EDAC is aware of who/what is signing up. It would be a good idea for us to have a copy of any/all applications to keep on file if possible since they are advertising under our banner.

Dan will be meeting with Kelly, Carmine and Dan (FIN Credit) on Wednesday to talk about Kelly going around town to visit merchants about membership sign-ups. (Finish Line, PACE Karate, chocolate shop in Highland Lakes, dry cleaners, Pizza Station, Wings, Dairy Swirl, Anthony’s Nails, Lampost, Vernon Inn, George Inn, etc.)

It was mentioned that we still need to pay for our table at the street fair. The fee of $25 needs to be approved by the mayor. Then there was discussion about splitting the table between VIRA, EDAC and the Vernon Chamber ($8.33 each). It’s possible that the chamber may pay for the table and allow the EDAC and VIRA to place their literature on the table at no charge, Elmer will get back to us about the logistics.

A list of Shop Vernon merchants has been made up by Mike at The Copy Center to be handed out to the public at the street fair. 500 copies will be made at a cost of $125 that has been already approved by the mayor. Tracey will make sure they are brought to the street fair on Saturday morning with a holder for them. This handout is very generic and can be used at Vernon Day etc. if needed. Art and Kelly will be at the table to answer any questions. Kelly mentioned at the last meeting that she will be bringing a table to use.

Shop Vernon tax bill inserts have been brought to our attention by FIN Credit from other towns. These inserts will be placed with all tax bills at the expense of the mayor.

VAL PAK coupons have also been brought to our attention. Once we find out how much they cost we will vote on yes or no to them.

Dan will get in touch with Missy from the town for Vernon Day 2015 application.

Shop Vernon Metrics—First Year Ending April 30, 2015

Program credits earned: $15,200
Property owners registered: 1770
Renters: 54
Sales: $278,000

Shop Vernon fell short of its goal which was $360,000. With that said, Shop Vernon is doing very well considering we only have 21 merchants and only one being a restaurant.

Bear Den: Ron Cedar has offered to take pictures around town for us at no cost! Once Ron is back in town there will be a meeting with Dan, Vic and Ron about what exactly the mayor has in mind for the app.

Round Table

Art needs Shop Vernon cards from Dan and will pick them up this week for the street fair Saturday. Dan is going to speak with Tony and Missy.

Motion to adjourn meeting: Art Alviene
Seconded: Elmer Platz

Meeting adjourned: 8:04 p.m.