Art Alviene, Kelly Lee, Dan Segal, Tracey Shauger

Call To Order

Chairman Dan Segal opened the meeting at 7:04 p.m.

Secretary Minutes

Minutes from 5/18/15 meeting have been approved and will need to be posted.

Mayor/Council Report

To be discussed in new business.

Treasurer’s Report

No report as Elmer was not present.

Public Comments

No public present so there were no public comments.

Old Business

Minutes approved from 5/18/15. Tracey made a motion and Art seconded and all were in favor.

Kelly will let Tracey know who to send them to so that they can be added to the town website. She will e-mail the address to Tracey.

Lawn signs have all been distributed to all who need them. The extra signs are being stored by Elmer in the case anyone needs one.

Banner for billboard at McAfee Ski is still in the making. We are looking at having the logo and a listing of participating merchants. Elmer will hopefully get pricing before the next scheduled meeting.

Street fair as far as Shop Vernon, there was a lot of interest and questions about restaurants, dry cleaners and hardware stores joining. Three cards were handed out by Kelly and Art at the fair.

1-year press release could not be addressed since Tony was absent from the meeting.

New Business

Dan and Kelly met with the mayor last week (Thursday) to discuss Shop Vernon banner. The banner is a great idea and he really likes the idea of listing the merchants on the banner. This banner will only be up during McAfee Ski off-season.

There was also discussion with the mayor about possibly reaching out to merchants in surrounding towns to fill spots that may not be filled by stores in Vernon for Shop Local. We are first going to reach out one more time to the Vernon merchants who have not signed up yet before we start reaching out to surrounding areas.

The Shop Vernon insert that will be added to the tax bills will have information about the Shop Vernon program and it will also have a listing on the opposite side of the participating merchants. The town will be making these up and inserting them into the tax bills.

There was discussion about a single contact person that could take the time to explain the Shop Vernon program to those who have questions about the ins and outs of the program. This can be handed out by the tax collector when people have questions.

A list of recent home sales was requested so that a “welcome” type letter could be sent to these new homeowners from us.

Comparison of Vernon & Pequannock for Shop Local

Number of families 6,500 4,000
Families registered with Shop Local 1,784 1,593
Tax savings $15,000 $30,000
Restaurants participating in Shop Local 1 7
Participating merchants 22 27

Another new merchant has signed up on the Shop Vernon website— Kelly offered to do a little welcome call to these new merchants that have signed up online and see about getting them some lawn signs. We might also like to consider another merchant meeting at some point in the future.

Vernon Day: Sunday 12-5. The only people available to work the table will be Art and Kelly. Kelly will try to do it first thing and Art will hopefully relieve her. If no one is able to do it, we leave literature on the table. We will be sharing the table once again with VIRA and the Vernon Chamber. Dan is going to call Elmer and see about getting a table from the chamber.

Kelly has resigned from the secretary position and all accepted her resignation. A nomination was made by Kelly to appoint Tracey as secretary and Art seconded. All agreed.

Motion to adjourn meeting: Kelly
Seconded: Art

Meeting adjourned: 7:54 p.m.