Meeting began 7:00 p.m.


Art Alviene
Eddie Dunn
Elmer Platz
Teresa Vihti

Public Comments

Mrs. Barbara Chorzepa of Lake Panorama, NJ from the Sussex Mosquito Control Coalition") 100% 50% no-repeat;">  spoke about the main objective of the group which is to educate residents in prevention in order to curb infestation. Their main concerns are for commuters, children waiting for school buses and tourists. Mrs. Chorzepa advised us of several precautionary measures that could be utilized by the county which are: 4 aerial sprays throughout the county...3 drops done before 6/10 and 1 additional drop in early fall which could potentially cost the county anywhere between 50K to 80K if implemented. Right now the only prevention method being used by Vernon Township is spraying outlying areas by township mosquito trucks. Mrs. Chorzepa also stressed how important it is for township residents to be aware of their own outdoor property conditions and try to eliminate any possibility of standing or pooling water to help prevent any chance of infestation.

Mayor/Council Report


General Discussion

Ordinance Review

Business fees, fee schedule and compare to 3-4 surrounding towns.

Town Center


EDAC Facebook Site

Brainstorm on how to effectively promote local businesses, announcing new businesses, grand openings, anniversary celebrations of milestone years in business, posting pictures, community events such as Vernon Day, Earthfest, National Night Out, calls for volunteers, progress information on projects and accomplishments.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20 p.m. (all in favor)

Next Meeting: March 19, 2012

Minutes prepared by: Teresa Vihti