Meeting began 7:00 p.m.


Art Alviene
Eddie Dunn
Elmer Platz
Craig Thompson
Teresa Vihti

Public Comments

Mrs. Gloria Frato-Gallo and Mr. Tony Avramidis attended and both are interested in becoming members; applications have been submitted. Both thanked the EDAC for having them.

Mayor/Council Report

The sewer agreement was finalized last week. This is a positive and historical moment for Vernon Township.

Sign Ordinance

1st reading at council meeting 75 to 80% completed. Craig Rowland from zoning will have a very important role in educating the public.

Town Center

Jessica Caldwell, township designation. Possible 1 zone, 2 important components—land use and MUA, also design standards.

Items for Action

Meeting minutes for March 5th and March 19th approved. Art 1st and Craig 2nd.

General Discussion

Sewer hook-up costs approx. $4665.00 for businesses. Business incentive for first year is 50% of the cost.

Eddie—to find out and have a better understanding what the township designation does for EDAC as far as zoning and design.

Art and Craig—Ordinance Findings

Bulk Items, $20.00 fee, suggestion: approach local clean out companies if agreement can be made for a collective effort to serve the community. Possibly a more cost effective and efficient way to dispose of bulk items.

Chapter 148—Ordinance 06-23 (148-31)

Asking Tom from Animal Control about getting a cat registration program in place. Craig will reach out to other towns that have successful programs.

Tony—Facebook site SOP

Yes. Updating at least 2 times per week. Surveys for SOP? This will be a standing item.

Business Event

EDAC Monday meeting, timing, 2 months out? Who, where, refreshments...businesses attending. Initiate quarterly roundtables—business specific. Eddie—spreadsheet for event.

Teresa—Pochuck Farms

100 years! Speak to Barbara and Henry.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 p.m. (Elmer 1st, Art 2nd)

Next Meeting: April 16, 2012

Minutes prepared by: Teresa Vihti